Racism in Québec

I have read countless times that we are racist and intolerant. Many in their comments on internet forums take it for a scientific truth. You might be interesting to look at following observations.

Attitude toward immigration

In july and september of 2009, Angus Reid surveyed Quebecers and Canadians about their attitude regarding immigration. According to the survey, 55% of Ontarians think that immigration has a NEGATIVE impact on the country. Guess where Québec stands…


Hate crimes in major canadian cities

Statistics Canada reports the rate of hate crime in major canadian cities.

(Click on the image to enlarge it, it’s worthed to see.)

Montrealers should not be ashamed of their position in the list.


The B’nai Brith

The B’nai Brith publishes every year  an audit of anti-semitic incidents. In the 2009 audit, one can read, on page 19 : « The majority of incidents across Canada consistently occurred in Ontario, as is typically the case. In 2009, 672 incidents (53.2% of the country total) took place in Ontario. »

You read it right : « consitently occurred in Ontario » and « typically the case ». 53,2% of cases were reported in Ontario while the population of Ontario represents, surprise, only 38% of the canandian population…

The incidents are probably  to be blamed on Quebec tourists visiting Toronto…

To read the report : http://bnaibrith.ca/files/audit2009/MAINAUDITENG.pdf

Now just two historical notes :

Did you know that the Patriots, among many other things, wanted the blacks, the natives and the jews to have the same rights as any other citizens?

Did you know that the first jew to be elected in any parliament of the whole british empire have been elected in Québec? The racist bigots french speakers of Trois-Rivières have elected Ezekiel Hart in 1807. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to sit at the parliament because of british laws, the contreversy caused a dissolution of the house and the voters in Trois-Rivières reelected him in 1808, he was still not allowed to sit in the house because of the same racist bristish law. He gave up. ( http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezekiel_Hart ) But this is the past…

The underrepresentation of visible minorities at the National Assembly

There are now (2008, I believe) six representants of visible minorities in the Québec National Assembly. Four are liberal: Ms. James, M. Dubourg as well as Ms. Fatima Houda-Pépin and M. Sam Hamad, both of Middle Eastern origin. The PQ now has two “visible” MNAs: M. Kotto and Alexis Wawanolath, a native.

6 MNAs out of 125 means 4,8% of the seats in the National Assembly are held by visible minorities. The 2006 census tells they are 8,8% of the population. That’s a significant underrepresentation.

One might be surprised to know that a look at the Ontario Legislative Assembly’s website led us to identify 10 representants of visible minorities in the Ontario Legislative Assembly. 10 MLA’s out of 107 is 9,3% of the seats. But the visible minority population of Ontario, again according to the 2006 census, is 22%! Surprising. The underrepresentation is worse in Ontario.

Would you be surprised to learn that the first black MNA in Québec was member of the Parti Québécois? Jean Alfred, born in Haïti, was elected in 1976 in the Papineau riding. Ms. Yolande James, the first black liberal candidate was elected in 2004. (Some will probably say that M. Alfred, although elected as member of the national assembly, has never been cabinet minister unlike Ms James. That must be because the PQ is racist…)

To read more.


13 réflexions au sujet de « Racism in Québec »

  1. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

    Additionnal note : with a quick Google search, you will find an article saying that 59% of quebecers say they’re racist. Interesting piece of journalism. I will come back to it if I have some more time.

    (I am leaving for the weekend…)

    Michel Patrice

  2. M.Guerard

    Je susi desolee, mais si tu pense vraiement que notre province n’est pas raciste, tu est malheureusement dans la lune mon ami.

    L’ancien gouv. PQ’iste nous la prouver. Les loi de prevention de la langue anglaise, la fermature des ecoles anglais. C’est du racisme mon potte. (en bon Quebecois)

    J’aimerais bien dire que nous ne sommes pas raciste au Quebec, mais c’est pas vraie. Si tu crois, comme raison: « on doit preserver la langue francaise » tu es aussi raciste.

    La seule choses qui reste a faire c’est d’avoir des grandes annonces dans les vitrines « NO ENGLISH ALLOWED » suivi par « NO (insert skin colour) ALLOWED » ah…. j’ai completement oublier faudrais l’ecrire en francais.

    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi qu’il y a de la haine comme ca envers les anglos, quand 99.9% des compagnie mondiale conduissents leurs affaires en anglais.

    Avant que t’ecrive une reponse, pense a notre histoire, les filles du roi, et courreur de bois etais tous des puttes et des criminels envoyer par le roi de la france pour coloniser (masacre les indiens) la nouvelle france.

    1. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

      Hi Mr Guerard,

      Our linguistic legislation is about language, not race. But this is not the point.

      You obvioulsy don’t like the situation in Québec now. It seems that francos did not like their situation in the fifties either and they managed to change that situation. I don’t see how they could have changed things without displeasing anglos.

      99.9% of businesses deal in english? This is an entertaining mix of naivety and of being full of yourself.

      Perhaps you could elaborate on the massacre of indians in Nouvelle-France, that would be interesting. What do you think of the massacre of the beothuks? Of the Métis? Do you see similitudes or differences between french and english regarding the learning of native languages? Do you find odd that indians allied with french in most of their battles if the french were so bad? What do you think of the hurons leaving their territory (near the Great Lakes) to find refuge near Québec City?

    2. Apprends à écrire.

      C’est plutôt pour s’assurer que même les moins habiles intellectuellement puissent écrire français correctement… Visiblement, vous êtes une bonne exemple comme quoi les règles ne sont pas assez strictes..

  3. deuce2bad

    Do not preach to me about my 1/2 native, and 1/2 black history. I do hold a masters degree, but not the point. You obviously are the one who is naive if you think that the world’s economy, and business is not mainly conducted in English. This is where my degree in finance from the University of McGill comes in handy.

    I have nothing against the French, let’s leave them out of this discussion. I am speaking of « les Quebecois », that’s NOWHERE close to French my friend. So if the French culture is that important, how is you white people say it to an immigrant? « Go back to your country. » is that it?

    My people (natives, tribe: Mohawk/Micmac), First Nations is what we are called for a reason. We sided with the French because we did not have a choice, not because we wanted to. The history books in this country as a whole were written by white scholars, and they interpreted actual facts to make them look like better people.

    Find the literatures that were written in French by the clergy who stood side by side with natives as the French turned against them. Thanks for the help, and here’s your reward: death by the masses, and what little survivors get thrown on a reservation.

    The history books in this province alone has 3 full pages on native history, even less about slavery, and how slaves were freed from slavery through the underground rail road into Nova Scotia by the English. Enlighten your readers and tell them what your « Quebecois » call natives, and blacks please? Oh and spell it in French, as I am sure you’ve used those words yourself. (Probably referring to me as both)

    Here’s what the « Quebecois » constantly call natives: Sauvages. There did that help? Now tell your readers what they call black people, or how hard you worked today. As tu travailler comme un….

    Don’t preach to me, I live here too, and I’ve seen the hatred the French have towards EVERY culture. I have no clue where you conjured your figures from, but they are false indeed. Fact is, the « Quebecois » have a name calling hatred system for anyone who is not white, or speak their trashy knock off of the French language.

  4. deuce2bad

    All this aside my friend. The debate will go on forever because of people like you. Your ignorance of actual facts is astonishing, and arrogant at best. Quebec, and it’s people are by far the most racist people in this country, and I have stayed in almost every major city in this country.

    They call anyone who is oriental « Chingtoque », East Indians are called « Tamoule », Black people « Negre », shall I go on? The worst part is you will deny ever using those words, when I know for a fact that you have. Not because I know you personally, but because I’m surrounded by your kind everyday.

    Here’s another well-known fact, and a poll conducted in 2005 by Leger & Leger. 88.3% of ALL welfare recipients in Quebec are the French, and over 70% of those have less than a high school education. Their most common excuse for not working: « Je traivaille pas pour salaire minimum. », and « Les crisse d’immigrees volents nos jobs. »

    Please reflect hard on your reply my friend, and do your research properly this time. Although this conversation has been quite entertaining, and extremely funny I no longer wish to discuss this matter with you. It’s like telling the Klu Klux Klan they’re wrong. You’re one of them, and will always defend your Arian Nation to the fullest won’t you?

  5. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

    To Deuce2Bad,

    I was glad to read that you were half black, half native, I first thought that your point of view would be interesting. But I see that you clearly do not wish to discuss any longer and you don’t have to.

    You have the feeling that talking to me would be like talking to a wall. I have the same strange feeling toward you.

    About natives in history class, roughly one fourth of my 9 years old daughter’s program is dedicated to natives, they study les sociétés iroquoiennes, algonquiennes et incas. Among other things, they see how the natives have influenced our society. It covers more than three pages.

    (You are right, it doesn’t say a lot about blacks. The only black figure from our past that, I believe, my daughters know about is Mathieu Da Costa (they haven’t learned about him in school, they learned about him from a song they know.)

    Michel Patrice

  6. HWX

    Coming from a French civil/criminal code background, the Quebecois do not advertise their racism as it is illegal to do so for their leaders.

    This does not mean that they are not racist. In other words, you do not need to be Hitler to be racists.

    In Quebec, racial subversion tactics are being persistently used by the police to induce persecution victims into racist discourses. Quebec’s republican integrationism model was criticized by postcolonial thinkers who introduced the notion of subaltern. In short, if you cannot be racist, why not make your ennemy racist by hiring a black guy to give him trouble and make him hate. In the end, you are the one paying.

    Furthermore, Quebec’s language laws and foreceful integration of immigrants into a social economical system are racism.

    Furthermore, Quebec’s handling of first generation immigrants is borderline a crime against humanity and participates from a Western geopolitical project that is currently being scrutinized heavily.

    Is there racism in Quebec? Quebec is in a latent and tacit civil war. The Quebecois do not have control over immigration as it is a federal jurisdiction.

    Every policy of the PQ has been designed as a racist tactic (that is to favor a group and oppress another) and each policy is glorified by the people of Quebec. Are they just getting their revenge for what happened to them during English rule? If so, why are thy targetting immigrants?

    Finally, racism is not bad. However, being hypocrit about it is cowardly. At least Hitler and all the others were honest about it…

    1. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

      I have been away from home for a little while. Thank you for your interesting comment.

      I can be quite a bullshitter myself, but sometimes, I like to sit back and watch a real pro. Thank you.

  7. Anonyme

    Your an ASSHOLE Michel Patrice. A sociopath and I feel sorry for your children. You twist the truth to suit your own needs. You take credit for other peoples hard work. You manipulate and lie. There are 6 clinical classifications for a sociopath but one needs only to fulfill 3 to qualify. That’s you, you qualify along with everyone else that subscribes to your distorted point of view. Trois riviere in 1800 was called Three Rivers and mostly english. You separatist bring up your children with lies. You omit the truth and substitute it with your own deviant agenda. You and your kind are despicable. You listen to Deuce2bad he’s a good man, you could maybe learn a thing about being a man from him and not a coward like you are now…weasel!

    1. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

      I was surprised by your claim that Trois-Rivières was mostly english in the 1800s. I tought that it might be true since we had a lot of british immigration in the 1800s. I have found this from the Lower Canada census of 1844, for the county of Saint-Maurice : (https://michelpatrice.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/population-trois-rivic3a8res-1844.png)

      French canadians 20,062
      English canadians 393
      Born in the USA 27
      Born in England 61
      Born in Irland 178
      Born Scotland 46
      Born in other countries 16
      Unkown 260

      Total population 21,043

      Source : http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2016/statcan/CS98-1871-4.pdf , page 238 of the .pdf file, page 148 of the historic document.

      So it seems that the county of Saint-Maurice (where Trois-Rivières is) was then 95% french.

      I have found a map on which Trois-Rivières is called Three-Rivers (http://data2.archives.ca/e/e447/e011156000-v8.jpg), the whole map is written in english. But the official name of Trois-Rivières seems to have always been Trois-Rivières. The 1844 census above is written in both french and english and Trois-Rivières is referred to as Trois-Rivières.

      I would like to know what made you think that Trois-Rivières was then mostly english. What did you see/read/hear about this?


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