Les grands esprits se rencontrent…

National Post, may 14th, 2012 : Today’s letters: Majority say it’s time for Quebec to go.

Last week, National Post letters editor Paul Russell asked readers: “Does Quebec have a future in Canada?” Approximately 60 people responded, with about 40 saying “no.”

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2 réflexions au sujet de « Les grands esprits se rencontrent… »

  1. Yannick

    I believe there is a self-bias at work; people who are angry are more likely to leave commentaries.

    In a more unbiased poll, most Canadians say they do NOT want Quebec to seperate. Whether it is a heartfelt desire to see Canada remain whole, or merely benevolent indifference is hard to say. However, the numbers don’t lie.


    see page 20 – unsurprisingly, Alberta is the ROC province which wishes the most that Alberta leaves, with 24% support for Quebec independance. Numbers to keep in mind when someone tells you that « Canada wants Quebec to seperate ».

    From page 22 – a greater share of people think that Canada should prevent Quebec from seperating, even in the event of a successful referendum, than accept independance.

    1. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

      Je quitte pour Montréal dans quelques minutes. Commentaire intéressant. Ce n’est pas une majorité, ça n’a pas vraiment besoin de l’être. On poursuit cette discussion plus tard (possiblement pas avant lundi). Dis bonjour pour moi aux gens de No Dogs… : )


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