One dead. Eight millions wounded.

Tuesday, sept 4th 2012, newly elected Pauline Marois is giving her victory speech. A lunatic opens fire. Thanks to a jammed rifle, he shoots only twice.

One man is dead, eight millions are wounded.

« Les anglophones se réveillent! Les anglophones se réveillent! It’s payback time! » yells the shooter while being arrested. He is an anglo.

The man is clearly a lunatic.

I just wonder how many times did he read that the separatists were the new nazis.

So ironicaly, I was working on a new post that spoke of national reconciliation. I let my draft on my desk, I might come back to it later, my heart just isn’t into it anymore. Everything I wrote is now seeming absurd.


2 réflexions au sujet de « One dead. Eight millions wounded. »

  1. Mr. Icon

    Don’t let the actions of one affect your thoughts on national reconciliation. When a sick person who just happened to be gay cut up that poor Chinese person, nobody in their right mind held that up against gays. Sick people who just happen to be anglos are no different.

    1. Michel Patrice Auteur de l’article

      Of course, I understand that this man is a lunatic and that he doesn’t represent the whole anglo community. What disturbs me are all the hateful comments that followed the event. The Globe and Mail even had to close its comment section on the related article.

      (I wrote something a while ago about the growth of intolerance, I was then talking about intolerance on the franco side :


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