Mr Beryl Wajsman invites Mr Dubuc to take a walk

On March 13th, Mr Beryl Wajsman published a heartfelt letter to Mr Pierre Dubuc : You take a walk M. Dubuc!

If Mr Wajsman’s intent was to fuel antagonism, then his letter is a masterpiece.

Here is a selected piece from this letter : « Almost forty years ago your cohorts took an oasis of  accomplishment, prosperity and justice and made it into a valley of dry bones. »

Mr Wajsman might be forgetting the royal commission Laurendeau-Dunton that took a look at what was this oasis if accomplishment, prosperity and justice. Among other things, the commission reported that, in 1961, according to statistics of the salaries of Quebec men based on ethnic origin, french canadian incomes lagged behind all other ethnic groups, with the exception of italians and natives.

Somehow, it seems that francophones in that time did not feel the prosperity and the justice as much as you did.

Here is an interesting picture of this oasis of accomplishment, prosperity and justice turning into a valley of dry bones :



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