Point de Mire – Québec opening up to the world

René Lévesque, Point de Mire. Archives de Radio-Canada.

From 1956 he hosted the television series « Point de mire » (Focal Point) and became one of Québec’s most influential TV commentators. Short, balding and chain-smoking, Lévesque lacked the good looks for this emerging visual medium, but his intelligence and wit, and his ability to explain world events to a domestic audience, enabled him to become one of Québec’s first TV stars.

The Canadian Encyclopedia – René Lévesque

Isn’t it ironic that world events were explained to quebeckers like they never were before by a separatist? You know one of those separatists who are closed to the outside world, who would like the people to remain ignorant and whose goal is to isolate Québec from the rest of the world…




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